A remedy for pricey prescriptions.

The same prescription rarely costs the same price. Be a savvy customer and price compare your prescriptions at three different pharmacies to get the best price. There's no reason, drug-wise, to pay more for the same prescription.

If you prefer talking with a HealthEZ representative, call 1-888-888-8888

Filling prescriptions:

MagellanRx is your pharmacy benefit manager (PBM).

Your pharmacy information is listed on the back of your medical ID card.

Bring your ID card with you when filling all prescriptions to be sure the pharmacy has current coverage information.


Please visit, and use the member number on your health plan ID card to register an account. Once you do, you’ll be able to get information about MagellanRx services, coverage, drug interactions, and education about specific drugs.


Contact MagellanRx:

To speak to a MagellanRx Customer Care Representative, please call 1-800-424-5828.

To send a MagellanRx Customer Care Representative a message, click here.

Visit the MagellanRx website here.

Prescription Drug Coverage
30 Day Suppy
Mail Order
90 Day Supply
Plan 1
Preferred Brand
Non-Preferred Brand
Specialty Not Available
* After deductible
Plan 2
Preferred Brand
Non-Preferred Brand
* After deductible

Did You Know?

Did you know there are coupon and price comparison sites for prescriptions?

Check out these sites and see if you are paying too much.